Today we have the pleasure of having the ABRECA asociate Melanie Carosi owner of Spasso. Melanie came to the podcast to tell us a little of her story and the advantages she has now that she belongs to ABRECA.

1.About Spasso

Today we are going to talk about the restaurant pizzeria spasso, located right on the promenade of Levante beach in Benidorm. It has incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and from its terrace we can enjoy its delicious Italian cuisine; Pizzas, pasta, salads and not forgetting its Italian coffees and its XL tiramisu. 

Spasso’s kitchen is open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just to have a coffee or a drink with family or friends.

2. Melanie Carosi associate ABRECA

And here is Melanie Carosi who is the owner of the spasso restaurant. She is of Italian-German origin and has lived and worked in several countries of the European community, which served as experience for this project that she started in 2010.

3. ¿Why was the establishment founded?

I am the daughter of hoteliers and I have been working in the hotel business since I was 15 years old. I have always liked working in the hotel and catering business because you are always on the move and can talk to many different people. 


After my hospitality studies I worked in France for 5 years and just wanted to move back to Germany in 2010. During this time I came on holiday to Spain to see my parents who had recently opened a restaurant in Calpe.

It was winter and Calpe was quite empty and one day we went to Benidorm and suddenly we saw this place in front of the beach with a huge terrace. 

The place was very nice but the inside of the restaurant was very difficult to organize because the terrace is very big and the kitchen was very small. Also the pizza oven was very big. I had to deal with licenses for the renovation and I would have been very happy if I could have asked Abreca for help.  As ABRECA helps and advises all its members with this type of problem among others.

4. ¿Why did you associate ABRECA?

I joined because I had a very good relationship with my business neighbours, 2 older Spanish gentlemen, and they were in the association so they explained to me the advantages I could have as an associate.

5.  Why did you associate ABRECA? What benefits do you have?

I was not born in Spain and when I arrived I didn’t speak the language and I didn’t know how things worked, which in each country work in a different way. Abreca can help you with the bureaucracy of opening a business. Also Abreca can give you contacts like lawyers or architects and of course we have many food and beverage suppliers with special prices for ABRECA members. 

Another very good advantage is that you can meet people from your guild with the same problems and concerns to exchange advice and solutions. We also have a WhatsApp group with all the members associated to ABRECA since the pandemic to be informed about new restrictions and their details.

 From ABRECA we would like to thank Melanie for telling us about all that ABRECA can offer to its associates.

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